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Product Description

The Swivel Sweeper utilizes what is referred to as “Quad Brush Technology.” In other words, there are four rotating action brushes mounted on a swivel head (can rotate a full 360 degrees) in order to offer the maximum dirt cleaning capabilities possible.

In using the four rotating brushes technology, this handy house ware item can reach in and around the nooks and corners caused by furniture and other items in your house that were previously un-cleanable if you were to only be using your regular vacuum. The Swivel Sweeper can clean any carpets, hardwood floors, and tile floors–even the top of your ceiling fan–quickly and efficiently.

The product is best designed to pick up stray crumbs, pet hair, dust, dirt, and anything else you might find on the floors in your kitchen, living room, or anywhere else in your house. Some Swivel Sweeper reviews we’ve received have reported that they have used the product effectively on mud that had  been tracked into their houses for a handful of months now.

Features & Specifications

The machine is made of plastic, but was finely structured by only using sturdy materials. Attached to the device are removable dirt trays, which can be used to pick up the extra bits of dirt and dust that the sweeper may be able to push, but can’t quite pick up.

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The handle can extend up to a length of 4 feet. This provides you with even more flexibility, and allows you the freedom of being able to reach into corners and tough-to-clean spots without having to get too close. You can add and subtract length freely while you have the device powered on.

The new Swivel Sweeper is also very light, coming it at a relatively feather-like 2 pounds. If you were to try one of the several other cordless battery powered sweeper products, you might find the product to be too heavy for you. Get Organized, the makers of the original Swivel Sweeper As Seen on TV product, recognized this problem with older devices, and engineered these newer appliances to be as lightweight as possible while not skimping on the tool’s effectiveness.

This cordless vacuum cleaner-like device uses a special micro-fiber cleaning cloth to dig deep into whatever surfaces you are cleaning, and loosen the dirt particles. The fibers will then absorb the dust and dirt, and continue cleaning the rest of your floors. Replacement cloths are available in stores across the country.


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The product comes with a built-in NiMH 7.2 volt rechargeable battery, coupled with a custom battery charger. This battery can run for 45 minutes on a single charge. Owners of this product should take care of the battery right of the box by charging the battery for the full 8 hours before you take it off the charger for the first time.

Buyers of the cordless Swivel Sweeper G2 are also advised to always run the product until the battery is completely dead. Doing this will ”condition” your battery to maintain its ability to run the maximum amount of time on a single charge. Also, you should never leave the battery on the charger for longer than the 8 hours that are necessary for the battery to go from empty to full.

Should the need arise, you can buy a replacement battery from several stores nationwide, or buy one from Swivel Sweeper’s Official Site.

Make sure you account for the condition of the cleaning cloth after each use. Contrary to what some may think, these cloths are great for multiple uses. Thanks to this fact, keeping a large stock of these special cloths isn’t necessary. However, always check after each use to make sure the cloth you are using isn’t entirely soiled.

If you ever have any problems with your model, contacting the manufacturer’s customer service line is relatively easy. Their representatives are usually always available to help, and will assist you with anything you need–including shipping, repairs, returns, and warranty-related questions.

Buy the Swivel Sweeper G2 directly from Swivel Sweeper’s Website

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Review from Katherine M

I received a swivel sweeper as a wedding gift and it is so easy and convenient to use. I’m so glad i got this instead of the broom and dustpan that i registered for. The first time i used it, it picked up plenty of dust and crumbs that I couldn’t even tell were on the floor. I would recommend this to everyone.

We found this video posted on YouTube of a cute toddler named Tanis playing with the Swivel Sweeper G2. At first he gets a kick out of turning the sweeper on and off, and then he discovers how to clean mommy’s floors with it – but perhaps a little recklessly.  Check out the video below!

We’re sorry for this not being a user review this time. We just felt like this was too cute to not share!

User: Ken

The four rotating brushes makes the g2 Swivel Sweeper really effective at collecting all of the dirt and stuff in any given space. The “easy empty” feature they added really helps (it’s really nice not to have to worry about cleaning the inside of those nasty vacuum collectors anymore). It’s sort of loud, but not any louder than any old regular vacuum. I also use this effectively on my stairs which happen to be carpeted. I didn’t expect it to work on carpet, but hey, I was surprised.

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